Do more for charity

THE Penang government encourages more corporate companies to give back to the community during this time of need.

Penang Social Development and Non-Islamic Religious Affairs Committee chairman Chong Eng said the Penang government was among the first states to announce numerous incentive packages under the Penang People’s Aid Package programme to help the people during this difficult time.

“Despite the various initiatives taken by the state, we believe that we can weather this situation together with the cooperation of the private sector and individuals. 

“I want to take this opportunity to commend Greatech Technology Berhad and the kind donors for stepping forward to give back to society, especially now when many are calling for help,” she said during the Greatech Charity Day at Greatech Technology Penang on March 11.

Chong Eng said she was honoured to be invited to grace the occasion.

The meaningful event saw contributions to the Penang Welfare Association for the Mentally Retarded Children (RM200,000 from Greatech), SJKC Tar Thong (RM340,000 from Greatech and RM100,000 from Greatech independent non-executive chairman Ooi Hooi Kiang) and to Penang Chinese Girls’ High School (50 units of computer set worth RM22,146 from the collaboration between Greatech and Gleneagles Hospital Penang).


Launching ceremony of STEM Empowering Programme

Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”): Collaboration of Greatech Technology Berhad (“Greatech”) and Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (“TARUC”) TAR UC Penang Branch Campus to organise Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (“STEM”) cloud-based teaching and research-intensive workshops.
Greatech and TARUC have joined forces with Penang Science Cluster Penang Science Cluster as a strategic partner, to provide secondary school students with a six-month STEM intensive workshop commencing in mid-November 2020.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the activity has been postponed since the middle of the year and the intended offline mode was changed to an online cloud-based teaching and research mode.
The main purpose of the STEM intensive workshop is to stimulate and foster the students’ interest in STEM and strengthen their understanding of STEM, so that they will be ready as the next generation of leaders in these fields, enabling greater industrial development to the country.
This event will have more than 20 engineers from Greatech and engineering faculty students of TARUC as volunteered instructors and they will provide the trainings in small classes. A total of 85 Form One to Form Three students from Penang have benefited from this event.
The cost of this CSR activity is sponsored by Greatech, and the education kits needed by the participants will also be mailed to their homes to facilitate their learning. At the end of the workshop, there will be a competition to assess the students’ understanding level and rewards those who excelled in the competition. There will be cash rewards up for grabs and the winners will be invited to Greatech’s HQ to demonstrate his/her work.

We Care Environment Campaign

In conjunction with National Environment Day on 21st October 2020 initiated by Department of Environment, Greatech Great Care Committee in collaboration with EHS Department will be launched WE CARE ENVIRONMENT CAMPAIGN start from 28th September to 30th October 2020. The purpose of this campaign is to create environmental awareness and encouraging action to protect our environment.
The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the climate that makes our planet habitable all come from nature, thus to care for ourselves and our loves one we must care for nature.
Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count!

Great Care Charity Programme

Great Care Committee CSR Team together with our GCC advisor, Ms. Koay Lin Lin have finally made a visit to the old folks home, Persatuan Syukur Penyayang Pulau Pinang and home for special care Persatuan Kebajikan Anak-anak OKU Taman Island Pulau Pinang on 27th June 2020.

With the cares to those underprivileged community, committee had successfully collected a total of RM2591.90 and some used or new items such as clothes, books, toys and some accessories. The fund was used to purchase those needed items, e.g., adult milk powders, adult diapers, wooden cabinets and blood glucose monitoring system. All donated items were sorted and been sent to the 2 homes mentioned during the visit. 

Apart from these, our Company has also donated RM5000 to each respective home. The visit was aimed at bringing happiness to the elderly residing there.

Blood Donation Campaign

In this Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected the health and livelihood of many Malaysian but also cause the numbers of blood bag collected daily by National Blood Centre dropped 30% to 50%. These cause the blood supplies in blood bank not in the healthy level.

After knowing on this issue, Greatech Great Care Committee have taking the initiative to organize the Blood Donation Campaign and It was a GREAT success with the campaign which in collaboration with Penang General Hospital that held on 13th June 2020 and had successfully collected 71 packets of blood! Greatech Great Care Committee are deeply touched by the contribution from employee in Greatech.

Sponsor for 3rd Annual Northern Region Innovation Networking Forum

On 17th January 2020, 3rd Annual Northern Region Innovation Networking Forum is held at Olive Tree Hotel, Penang. There are total around 30 companies participate in this forum. The objective of this forum is to build a platform for companies to accelerate innovation spirit and stay abreast along the realm of digital transformation, innovation and industry 4.0.

Greatech is one of the gold sponsor and being invited to participant in this meaningful forum. Through this forum, the companies can bring the innovation culture and ideas to Northern Region Malaysia. This forum not only provide a platform for intra-companies share their best practices among industry players in MNCs and SMEs also encourage the young inspiring entrepreneurs to share their amazing ideas. (Source: Northern Region Innovation Networking Forum Facebook)

‘StepUp Initiative’ Programme Launch

On 13 September 2019, the Penang government, through Penang STEM, launched the ‘StepUp Initiative’ programme. Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow, who officiated its launch at the Karpal Singh Learning Centre in Bukit Gelugor. This programme is to emphasize and helps the students for future careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with the skills and knowledge that the industry needs. 
 Greatech is one of the pioneer sponsors and contribute total amount RM 25,000 for the year 2019 & 2020 by adopting SMJK Heng Ee in the ‘StepUp Initiative’ programme. This amount will be used for conducting STEM activities for the adopted school and will not only benefit students in the short term but also the industry in the longer term through a bigger pool of STEM- educated workforce 

Volunteers in Robomania 2019

Robomania 2019, an event organized by Tech Dome Penang with the endorsement from Penang State Government and Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Pulau Pinang has successfully launch in 15 June 2019. 

This Robomania received the recognition from Malaysia Book of Records as Most Number of Participation in a “Robotic Interactive Learning Event”. The event successful attracted 628 participants all across Malaysia to participate in this robotic competition. 

Greatech as one of the main sponsored for this Robomania 2019 had supported SJKC Wen Khai and SMJK Heng Ee school students to participant in this event. Apart of this, 20 employees from Greatech had join as a volunteer to assist the activities during the event day. All Greatech volunteers have showed their passionate passion in this robotic event. They attended the briefing and training session before the event day. They have learned to teach the students on the different activities during the event day such as installation of robot kit, controlling the robot movement by suing the apps etc. The volunteers also be a judge for each station activities. 

Robomania is an interesting and meaningful event that create awareness and provide opportunities and encouragement for Malaysian & school students to learned and know more knowledge about robotic and mechatronic technology. Through this event, Greatech employees have a great time in taking part in this event.

Be A Hero to Save Our Beach

On the 12th May 2019, Greatech Integration in collaboration with UTAR Sungai Long and Trash Hero Penang had successfully organized a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) beach cleaning programme at Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang. 

Batu Ferringhi, one of Penang’s most popular destinations for both locals and tourists for picnics, leisure, and water sport activities, such as parasailing. Every visitors are expecting a scenic view but sadly, trash especially single-use plastics which are not biodegradable are being littered at the beach at an alarming rate. 

To create a positive environment, 30 students from UTAR Sungai Long and 20 employees from Greatech were split into 5 teams to pick up different categories of the rubbish: aluminum, glass, paper and unrecyclable items like plastics. It was heartwarming to witness a total of 50 volunteers who worked together and pick up the rubbish tirelessly. 

After an hour of picking up the trash, some interesting games were planned and conducted such as tug of war and dodge ball while waiting for the volunteers from Trash Hero Penang to classify and weigh the picked up trash. Although the fun activities were carrying on under the blazing sun, but it did not dampen the happiness of everyone. 

At the end of the day, we had been announced by Trash Hero Penang that more than 40kg of waste were collected. It was a great achievement for every one of us. Caring for the environment is not only the individual’s responsibility but collectively. Through this meaningful programme, it is hoped that by our small efforts contributed, positive awareness on the importance of a clean beach ecosystem can be promoted. Most importantly, we extend our sincere appreciation to UTAR Sungai Long’s Engineering & Science Fiesta committees and lecturer, Mr Thum who made their effort to travel from KL in making this event a complete. This activity has given us a chance to strengthen the relationship between Greatech employees and UTAR Sungai Long students.