Run for the Wild 2018

“A small step for a man a giant leap for mankind” – Neil Amstrong 

In tandem with the Run for The Wild organised by the Wildlife Conservation Society – Malaysia Progam and Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus, Greatech had gathered about 100 men and women to walk in a short 1 KM to pledge its support to wildlife conservation efforts in Malaysia.

The effort could have stop just there, however extra effort was made to make this pledge much more meaningful. Understanding that it is a norm for one-time-use water bottles to appear in recreational activities, the quench the thirst of participants after the short walk, Greatech had provided water dispensers throughout the day for participants to fill their water bottles which they have brought on their own. This is an effort which Greatech intends to reduce plastic waste created by its own events. 

At the end of the day, after a short introduction by the Human Resource & Admin Executive, Douglas Tan of the event that the participants were taking part in, everyone, including the external parties which were there to assist in the Team Building Activities for Greatech’s Kulim Employees signed the pledge in support of the conservation of Orangutans and Sharks in Malaysia. 

Greatech its employees are grateful to be part of this noble cause. We hope such actions are able to inspire more to act as such.


Expanding Educational Opportunities for Elementary Students

SJK (C) Li Tek B is the next elementary school which benefited from our CSR program. Students from economically-challenge backgrounds receive much needed financial support. Through monetary and in-kind giving, we help elementary school to enhance their learning necessity and environment. We trust that the efforts we make today will foster success stories long into future.

We strive to continually making a positive impact on communities.

Greatech strongly believe in lifelong learning and are committed to provide the younger generation with better educational opportunities. With the contribution from Greatech, we believe it could effectively assist the community development education of the poor and needy communities.

At Greatech, we take our corporate social responsibilites seriously.

As a corporate pioneer, Greatech aims to play a role in the revolution of the society changed and contribution towards social cohesion and improving the country’s education opportunities. This is why the company is taking the advantage of numerous opportunities to put its social responsibility into practice. Greatech yearns to build a path to ensure everyone has the opportunities to pursue their studies and for a better future.