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Greatech represents a significant breakthrough in cost-effectiveness, connectivity, and customization in vision systems.


Cover Story: Malaysian E&E players tread carefully amid tech cold war

AS its name implies, a semiconductor chip is made of a material that conducts current, but not completely. The conductivity of a semiconductor lies somewhere between that of an insulator, which has almost no conductivity, and a conductor, which has almost full conductivity.

In the years to come, Malaysian semiconductor and semiconductor-related companies, also known as electrical and electronics (E&E) or technology firms, will have to re-strategise carefully amid the intensified tech cold war, which is central to the bigger US-China trade war.

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PENANG STEM @ Han Chiang High School

GREATECH has a mission to groom our younger generation to meet the challenges of IR 4.0 and digital transformation. GREATECH...

Donation of RM500,000.00 from GREATECH to UTAR Hospital

GREATECH has stepped forward to donate RM500,000.00 to UTAR Hospital (not for profit hospital). On 22th August 2022, our Chief Executive...

Donation to Malaysian Red Crescent Society Penang

GREATECH is determined to positively influence the community through charitable donations to new ambulance and corporate social responsibility programmes in...

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