Internet of Things

Digital transformation, collecting data from machines, help to analyze these raw data to useful information for different level of user based on their needs.

In this new era, data becomes important for monitoring, decision making and other various of reason.

Greatech Industrial Internet of Thing (IoT) Dashboard helps manufacturing to do digital transformation, collecting data from machines, help to analyze these raw data to useful information for different level of user based on their needs.

By leveraging Operation Technology (OT), Information Technology (IT) and Communication Technology (CT), User know in real time what is happening in the production line, can response faster for problem, reduce downtime and maximize production output hence improve the production cost.

Machine Visibility:

Achieved by capturing real time data from the machine.

Flexible Connects Machines on Production Lines:

Communicate with various types of Operational Technology/System/Machine (Programmable Logic Controller – PLC, PC Based, Microcontroller Based, Various IO Bus, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition – SCADA)

Machine OEE:

OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness is the key operational metric for machine uptime and capacity utilization that helps factory manager to monitor the performance of a particular machine, machine across lines or production floor machines. These parameters can be calculated out based on data capturing from machines.

Continuous Improvement:

With OEE figure, we will drill down machine process to increase machine utilization, increase production/operational efficiency, decrease product cost and improve product quality based on data.

Centralized Information Display:

All captured data will be stored in a central database system for monitoring and analyze purposes. All equipment status on production can be view using web page where can be monitor anytime and everywhere from phone, PC and devices that support web browser. Besides that, the web page also provides customized feature for different layer of user that focus on different type of information display. Thru charts and reporting data, issue can be address faster hence improve production cost. The longer an issue remain on the production line, more cost will be needed to correct it.

Instance Error Reporting:

Since machine status is capture in real time, once an equipment having error or down, a notification will be sent to related person to handle that issue. Can be an email, chat message, supported social media, ticketing system, mobile app etc. This will allow quicker correction action taken and reduce machine down time.

Production Traceability:

Production unit and component used thru out the production line can be monitored and record. This will reduce wastage, accurately understand in house stock quantity, and know when to refill the stock.

Error Analysis for Predictive Maintenance:

Error or machine downtime information (e.g maintenance time) provides a lot of useful information to improve equipment utilization. With AI and those information/data will provide a better maintenance scheduling and reduce machine down time. This will help to maintained spare part in stock as well.

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