Sponsorship Event- Let’s Walk for Thalassaemia 2023

Sponsorship Event- Let’s Walk for Thalassaemia 2023

Greatech has initiated in sponsoring the upcoming event “Let’s Walk for Thalassaemia 2023” organized by Penang Thalassaemia Society, which the walk will be held on 1st October 2023 (Sunday) at 7am. The charity walk is aimed at raising awareness and funds, where partial funds will be used to organize medical camps and workshops for medical staffs and Thalassaemics.

Penang Thalassaemia Society is a charitable non-governmental organization and was founded in 1987 with 282 Thalassaemics receiving treatments at the Penang General Hospital and Seberang Jaya Hospital. Thalassaemia is an inherited blood disorder that causes body’s hemoglobin level to be lower than normal, which hemoglobin is important for red blood cells to carry oxygen. The patients usually require regular blood transfusion to maintain hemoglobin levels in the blood. This is where Penang Thalassaemia Society comes into place to offer oral chelation therapy and white blood cell filters for those in need.

Other than monetary support, 122 Greatechies will be joining the walk, to hope that our action will be able to increase the attention of public in showing the care and improve the welfare of Thalassaemia children.

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