Photovoltaics and thin-film module technology for solar industry is particularly benefiting from the use of robots and other automation solutions which bring the highest production efficiency. We are meeting the challenge with a broad range of products created specifically to support the different manufacturing processes and allowing customers to enhance and improve the cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Our know-how, our innovative approach and our total capability bring the higher level of quality that you can always trust and expect from Greatech. We provide coordinated intelligent software & hardware, tailored training and exceptional field service to all around the world for solar industry. Repeat orders from numerous solar customers over the past years have cemented our position as a key partner in the solar industry.


  • Substrate Module Robotic Loader Unloader
  • Automated Rail Mounting System
  • Auto Framing Line
  • Interlayer Sheet Pairing System
  • Cover Glass Pairing System
  • Auto Labeling System
  • Hipot Inspection System
  • Patch Apply and Removal System
  • Cover Glass Loading and Handling System
  • Anti Reflection Coating Curing Machine
  • Storage and Accumulator System
  • Conveyor System