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Automation Solutions for Electronics

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We as an automation solution provider provide as single source to electronic market on mobile device for engineering, manufacturing and integration of automated and custom process solutions. Our innovative and effective designs offer flexibility to meet the demands of product development and manufacturing.

The challenge of manufacturing mobile devices continues to grow more complex. The trends of increasing device complexity, miniaturization and customization are driving a revolution in manufacturing process.

Greatech has developed innovative solutions to address the needs for handling miniature fasteners on screwing process, checking on cover glass, menu button and improved yields due to reduced aesthetic damage, and standard processes to enable regionalized manufacturing.


We also specialize in electronic device handling, precision parts assembly, testing, inspection, packaging and other unique applications for the electronic devices.


About Greatech

Greatech is a company with a global presence with over 20 years of continuous operation, dedicated to industrial automation, making customers more productive and a more sustainable world.

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